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If you are interested in receiving emails from the City updating citizens on things that are happening, please send your name and email address to City Hall at .

Also like City of Dallas Center on Facebook!


The Dallas Center City Council meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Legion Hall.

Public attendance and input is always encouraged at Dallas Center public hearings, City Council meetings, and other meetings listed in the Events Calendar.


Phase 1 of the SW Stormwater Project has begun.

Click for current details and project map.


The Dallas County Sheriff's Office is responsible for law enforcement for the city of Dallas Center. 515-993-4567 (Dallas County Dispatch) is the number DC residents should use for non-emergency calls regarding police issues.

Always Call 911 immediately about any active or developing traffic, fire, weather, abuse, violence, criminal activity, medical condition or other situation you believe might be an imminent threat to life or property.


Text information about unlawful activities such as sales of alcohol to minors or underage use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs anywhere in Dallas County.

Please provide the location and time of such activities when possible.

TEXT-A-TIPS are anonymous.

Paid for by Dallas County JAAG (Juvenile Anti Alcohol Group), sponsored by the Dallas County Sheriff's Office & Juvenile Court Services.



Are you ready for the next severe weather? Do a reality check here.


Remember that it is unlawful for any owner to allow an animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the City. Please put your animal on a leash!


If you have a US Flag that needs retired, drop it off at City Hall, and the Boy Scouts will take care of it for you.


National Flood Insurance Program

Effective February 22, 2010, Dallas Center residents are able to purchase federally backed flood insurance.

Click here to see the news release, and visit for coverage information and agent locations.

Severe Weather Safety

Is the southwest corner of a basement the safest refuge during a tornado?

In what weather-related hazardous situation should you hop like a bunny?

If you hear thunder, how far away is the storm?

Does your family have a severe weather plan?

Update your family's knowledge about severe weather here and by clicking on the photos or links below.

Heat Waves

About 175 Americans die from the summer heat every year. Of natural hazards, only the cold of winter - not lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or earthquakes - kills more people.

Tornadoes & High Winds

The biggest threat in the path of a tornado is being struck by debris flying at hundreds of miles per hour. Even the smallest of items, like glass, nails, and rocks, are deadly projectiles.


Lightning kills more than 80 people every year in the United States (more than tornadoes) and injures about 300. When you hear thunder, you are close enough to a storm to be a target.

Flash Floods

Over 140 deaths per year.

Just six inches of fast-moving flood water can sweep adults off their feet, and it takes only two feet of water to carry away most vehicles. The water could be charged by a downed power line.

Downed Power Lines

Consider all downed lines dangerous even if they aren't sparking or humming. Stay at least 10 feet away if the ground is dry and much further away if the ground is damp.


Hail can cause great damage to buildings, autos, & vegetation. 100 people were killed, 9,000 injured, & 35,000 homes were destroyed by a 1986 hailstorm in China.

Winter Storms

Winter weather causes more deaths in the United States each year than any other weather hazard. Whether at home or on a highway, preparedness will avoid exposure to frostbite, hypothermia, and worse.

NOAA Weather Radio

Knowing the severe weather hazards and having a plan for protecting your family is of the utmost importance.

The next step is knowing when severe weather is on the way. Tornado sirens may not be heard indoors. Every household needs a weather radio with tone alarm and battery backup. Click here for information about NOAA weather radios and where to buy them.

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